1564737871747450.jpgChangchun Changguang ChenSpectrum Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "ChenSpectrum") was established in January 2019. It is located in the incubator of national scientific and technological enterprises in Beihu Science and Technology Development Zone of Changchun City. It is a set of optical thin films jointly organized by Changchun Institute of Optical Precision Machinery and Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as "Changchun Optical Machinery Institute") Scientific and technological innovative enterprises in research and development of new spectral instruments, spectral image processing and application.

The company's main business is focusing on the core technologies of new spectral filters and spectral filters-based (imaging) spectrometers. It is engaged in the design, development and manufacture of high-precision optical thin films and new photoelectric instruments. It is committed to building a domestic research and development platform for high-end optical coatings, optical components and photoelectric instruments, with a wide range of products. It is applied in aerospace, food hygiene, precision agriculture, teaching and scientific research, etc.

The company has a young scientific research team consisting of doctors and masters with high-level professional knowledge and R&D ability, equipped with advanced production and testing equipment, implemented strict quality control process, and built a superior production and working environment. Attractive achievements have been made in the research and development of high-end optical thin films and miniaturized spectroscopic instruments for space applications. The key technologies have independent intellectual property rights.

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the concept of innovation-driven development, advocated independent innovation, committed to providing effective solutions for customers, and promoted the development of the industry through technological innovation. A perfect innovation system has been gradually formed in new technologies, new materials and new processes. Adhere to "Quality as Guarantee, Independent Innovation as Pioneer"

Steady management, active and enterprising, wholeheartedly provide customers with the most satisfactory service.