E2v bought Anafocus for 34.2 million euros

 2019-07-26        5402

On April 2, 2014, ON Semiconductor announced a final agreement with Truesense Image to buy it for $92 million. Truesense Imaging, formerly owned by Eastman Kodak, was acquired in 2011 by Petronumm Equity Ltd. in Los Angeles. Its main products are CCD image sensors and a small number of CMOS image sensors.

Truesense Imaging mainly develops and manufactures image sensor devices for commercial, industrial and professional imaging applications, including machine vision, surveillance, traffic surveillance, medical and scientific imaging and photography. Truesense Imaging earned about $79 million in 2013, with gross margins of 44% and operating margins of 23%, respectively, based on unaudited performance. Ansenmei's acquisition of Truesense Imaging is mainly aimed at expanding its image sensor business. After the acquisition, Truesense Imaging will be incorporated into the Application Products Group of Ansenmei Semiconductor.