Drone spectral imaging index analyzer Spec-vision






Industry application case:

a) Eco-environmental spectral imaging index analyzer, Relying on spectral imaging technology, strong help intelligent environmental protection. Based on years of technical accumulation, Spectral Vision has launched Dayu Spec-vision-W intelligent water environment monitoring system, which can realize real-time monitoring of water pollution monitoring, suspected pollution source investigation, water ecological disaster monitoring, shoreline environment investigation, black and smelly water treatment and other applications. In addition, real-time distribution results of more than 20 water indexes such as total nitrogen, total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, suspended matter, Potassium permanganate index, algae distribution and eutrophication index can be obtained. In a real sense, real-time and efficient online analysis and monitoring of water environment can be realized.

b) Fine agricultural spectral Imaging index analyzer, Relying on spectral imaging technology, it strongly supports precision agriculture. Based on years of technology accumulation, Spec-vision-A precision agriculture monitoring intelligent system of Shennong has been launched, which can realize real-time monitoring of planting status assessment, crop growth monitoring, crop collapse analysis, variable plant protection spraying, crop yield estimation and other applications. At the same time, the real-time online distribution of crop growth, lodging and yield in the target area can be obtained, and "One map" can be used to provide first-hand information reference for field production, so as to realize intelligent management of agriculture in a real sense.

c) Fine forest and grass spectral imaging index analyzer, Relying on spectral imaging technology, strong help accurate forest grass. Based on years of technical accumulation, Spec-vision-F has launched Kunlun Spec-vision-F precise forest and grass monitoring intelligent system, which can realize real-time monitoring of physical and chemical parameters of trees, structural parameters of trees, water and fertilizer stress of trees, forest diseases and pests, grass yield, grass coverage, grassland disasters, grassland degradation, grassland nutrition and other applications. At the same time, we can obtain the real-time online distribution of forest and grass growth, physical and chemical parameters, yield and so on in the target area, and provide customers with first-hand information reference with "one map", so as to realize the intelligent management of forest and grass in a real sense.

d) Tobacco spectral Imaging index analyzer, Our country is a big tobacco planter, tobacco is grown in all the whole province, its area and output all occupy the world first place at present, the tax burden income occupies a pivotal position in our total tax revenue, makes a considerable contribution to our economic development. In the total output of Chinese tobacco, flue-cured tobacco accounts for more than 80% and is the main raw material of cigarette production. For a long time, the traditional methods of observing and monitoring the growth and quality of tobacco in tobacco fields have been adopted. UAV spectral imaging technology is an efficient means of tobacco planting management, which can quickly and accurately provide decision-makers with the growth status of tobacco fields in a wide range, and provide effective data for decision-makers in fertilization, irrigation and pesticide spraying, which is conducive to significantly improving the modernization level of pesticides and promoting the sustainable development of modern agriculture. Therefore, UAV spectral imaging technology has great application value in tobacco field monitoring, which is a new trend of tobacco field management.