Introduction to Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system




Lambda高光谱成像系统利用渐变镀膜技术,无需传统的光栅分光模块,使得在光谱覆盖范围内的数十或数百条光谱波段 对目标物体连续成像。在获得物体空间特征成像的同时,也获得了被测物体的光谱信息。系统结构包括:面阵探测器、驱动电源、运动控制模块、数据采集模块等。


Function of camera:

1.It can be directly integrated with a standard C-interface imaging lens or microscope,realize the rapid acquisition of spectral image (Mapping)

2.Automatic exposure, automatic scan speed matching, automatic data collection and saving

3.Can realize real-time data calibration and model calculation function (built-in water body, vegetation and other more than 25 index models)

4.The auxiliary framing camera can monitor the shooting area

5.Internal battery

6.Data preview and correction functions: radiancy correction, reflectivity correction, area correction, lens calibration, uniformity calibration

7.Lens replaceable

8.The data format is perfectly compatible with Envi, Spec-Sight and other data analysis software

9.Target spectrum real-time matching search function

10.Built-in WiFi supports wireless remote control for Android smart phones, ipad and iphone

11.Gigabit Ethernet: supports remote image transmission and remote operation

Application area introduction:

Outdoor crop growth monitoring: Place the Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system on a tripod or elevated platform,Used to monitor the growth of crops,Such as crop nitrogen content, chlorophyll, biomass, etc,It can also be used to monitor crop diseases and soil fertility,So as to provide technical support for agricultural fine management.

Figure 5 Spectral reflectance curves of crops treated with different nitrogen

Real-time detection of river water quality: lambda hyper-spectral imaging system was placed on the water quality detection platform,Such as tripod, tower, etc.More than 10 kinds of water quality parameters can be detected in real time,Such as total phosphorus, total nitrogen, chlorophyll a, suspended solids, PH, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, etc.

Figure 6 Real-time monitoring of water quality parameters by Lambda

Plastics separation: lambda hyper-spectral imaging system was mounted on a dark box system equipped with a light source,Such as PE, PP, PS, PC, PA, PU, PET, PVC, POM and ABS, etc.

Figure 7 Lambda for plastic sorting

Identification of real and counterfeit banknotes

Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system was used to obtain the hyper-spectral images of real and counterfeit banknotes,Real and counterfeit banknotes can be identified by spectral analysis and texture analysis.

Figure 8 Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system to identify real and counterfeit banknotes

Tree species identification and growth monitoring: The leaves of different tree species were collected and placed in an indoor dark box,Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system was used to acquire its hyper-spectral imaging data,By spectral analysis and texture analysis,The distribution of agronomic indicators of leaves and leaves of different tree species can be distinguished,It provides a theoretical basis for distinguishing different tree species and monitoring their growth.

FIG. 9 Leaf species discrimination and monitoring of biomass and leaf nitrogen content based on Lambda

Fruit and vegetable sorting: With the improvement of living standards,More and more attention has been paid to the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables,It is important to quickly and effectively identify fruit rot, damage and maturity.For example, the internal rot that causes black and white spots on the surface of fruits, and the bruise and damage caused by transportation and other reasons,Thus seriously affect the health of consumers,Therefore, it is of great significance to quickly and effectively identify fruit black and white spots, bruises and fruit maturity.Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system can be used to quickly and accurately detect black and white spots on fruit skin caused by internal decay, skin damage during transportation, fruit maturity and sugar content, etc。Realize the rapid sorting of fruits and vegetables.

Figure 10 Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system for rapid identification of fruit damage areas

Figure 11 Detection of grape sugar content based on Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system

 Biomedicine:Lambda hyperspectral imaging system can be used in the biomedical field for tongue coating detection, wisdom tooth examination, skin detection, mole recognition, etc.

Figure 12 shows the moisture content distribution of tongue coating of k0074, k0082 and k0090 patients. It can be seen from Figure 11 that K0074 has a high moisture content and more drooling, which indicates that the patient has no spirit and is one of the manifestations of chronic kidney disease

Figure 13 Facial mole recognition based on lambda

Type and impurity identification of tobacco: Lambda hyper-spectral imaging system can be used in tobacco industry for the detection of biochemical components, discrimination of tobacco types, dentification of tobacco impurities and so on.

FIG. 14 Biochemical composition, type identification and impurity identification of tobacco by Lambda detection